Jan 152015

Thank you for all of the feedback! An exciting new update was published today that includes a bunch of bug fixes and new features!

New Features:

  • Updated Dropbox API for increased security
  • The app no longer asks to sync with Dropbox if you’ve chosen “auto-sync”
  • You can now import from ANY url … even if My Recipes can’t parse the recipe!
  • The recipe images are now larger and more beautiful!
  • You can now ROTATE images in the recipe edit screen!

Bug fixes:

  • Various syncing issues have been fixed. Syncing should now be more robust and faster!
  • Sometimes a recipe would cause the app to crash every time it was selected. This has been corrected!
  • Web editor images now show up.
  • Recipe list no longer scrolls to second recipe by default.
May 022014

My Recipes has a new logo and a completely revamped import process! You can now import from dozens of sites instead of the small list of 5 which it used to support! Also:

  • Adding images to recipes is now fixed
  • New icon and splash screen!
Jun 272013
  • In-app help button!! Need help, just choose “Menu” > “Help” when using the app!
  • Tile view! My Recipes has an updated look! Check it out!
  • Search now waits until you’re done typing to perform the search
  • Landscape ingredient pane is now wider! Enjoy :)
  • Recipe importer fixes
Dec 212012

New Features:

  • Left-side menu to make navigation and syncing easier
  • Ability to change font size
  • Reorder recipe ingredients and grocery list items (for HONEYCOMB+)
  • Animate when adding/removing an ingredient
  • Enable/Disable Full Screen when viewing a recipe
  • Enable Back Button in the ActionBar

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix the share intent (was crashing on activity resume
  • Prompt to sync with Dropbox is more accurate
Nov 022012

New Features:

  • Permission added to support the new ad platform anti-fraud detection
  • You can now import from!
  • Dropbox has deprecated the public folder feature, so now recipes sync to a folder called “My Recipes” in the root of Dropbox
  • Quicker/more efficient Dropbox syncing
  • Improved Web Editor interface

Bug Fixes:

  • Copy & paste should now work for everyone
  • Add/Remove ingredient buttons fixed
Jul 012012
New Features:

  • Updated UI (now uses Action Bar)
  • Larger, better-quality image when viewing recipe (and recipe images are now imported at a higher resolution than before!)
  • Back button now works when navigating between home, tags, and grocery lists.
  • Option to show/hide search box
  • Importing a recipe can now be cancelled mid-process
  • Facebook integration. Tell your friends what you are cooking!
Apr 192012

You can now import recipes from popular websites*! Additional sites will be added in the future and will automatically be available to your app.

You can import recipes 1 of 2 ways…via the recipe URL or by sharing the recipe with My Recipes from your Android internet browser.

To import a new recipe, just follow these steps:

Import via URL:

    1. On your Android device, start the My Recipes app.
    2. Hit the menu button on your device. This will bring up the app menu.
    3. Choose “New Recipe”.
    4. Choose the “Import Recipe” tab at the top of the screen.
    5. Paste the URL for the recipe you would like to import then click the “Import Recipe” button.
    6. When you are done, click the menu button on your device and choose “Save”.

Import by sharing from internet browser:

  1. Find a recipe you would like to import (from a compatible site) using your internet browser on your Android device.
  2. Hit the menu button on your device. This will bring up the browser menu.
  3. Choose “Share page” (this may be under the “more” option).
  4. Choose “My Recipes” from the list of options.
  5. When you are done, click the menu button on your device and choose “Save”.

*My Recipes has no affiliation with these sites.