Nov 142011

You can sync your recipes with your Dropbox account to backup your recipes and to view or modify them from your computer or other mobile devices! To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On your Android device, start the My Recipes app.
  2. Hit the menu button to bring up the app menu.
  3. Choose “Settings” then check the “Sync with Dropbox” checkbox. You will be brought to the Dropbox Settings page.
  4. Hit the “Link to Dropbox” button.
  5. Accept the notice that pops up. This notice simply notifies you that syncing with Dropbox requires data to be sent over the internet (using mobile data) and could be visible to others on the internet if they acquired the proper URL.
  6. You will be brought to the Dropbox authentication/permission screen. Logon to Dropbox (if not already done) and click the “Allow” button.
  7. SUCCESS! Your recipes will automatically start syncing with Dropbox in the background.

Click here to learn how to view your recipes from a computer or other mobile device.

  8 Responses to “Sync with DropBox”

  1. The My recipes folder shows up in the Public area of my dropbox. Is this intentional for syncing? Does it mean that other people will see my recipes? When syncing, do my recipes have to be in html format?

    • Yes, recipes are synced to the public area of your Dropbox. It is unlikely that anyone would ever see your recipes…UNLESS you share the public link to them. And yes, My Recipes only syncs with html files that it creates…for example, it wouldn’t sync with html files that you put there. Enjoy!

      (edit) Dropbox no longer support the public area of Dropbox. Recipes are private by default, but can still be shared with the people that you choose.

  2. Question, if I have dropbox on my PC and I modify a recipe on my computer and it uploads to dropbox, then I sync on my android, the changes I made on dropbox get overwritten by the android version. Is there any special method to get this to work? I notice that when you edit a recipe through the html in dropbox, it does it through your site and then it syncs fine.

    Any help, greatly appreciated.


  3. I understand dropbox made some change to its program. I am unable to sync any longer. I tried to follow the new instructions for syncing, but am still unable to sync. I canceled my link with dropbox and reactivated it…still no sync. I can see all my recipes in dropbox. Do they need to be in a new folder? Should I delete recipes from my app and try to sync with dropbox?

    • My Recipes can only sync with files that it creates. It uses Dropbox as a way to backup your recipes and allow you to access them from your PC or other internet device. Please check out the latest update which contains multiple enhancements for syncing!

  4. When I try to sync my recipes to drop box I get an error message that says we page unknown. This app is on my kindle fire. How do I cost that?

    • I haven’t seen this issue! Please try installing the latest version of the app and trying again. January’s update has a lot of syncing enhancements …

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