Jan 152015

Thank you for all of the feedback! An exciting new update was published today that includes a bunch of bug fixes and new features!

New Features:

  • Updated Dropbox API for increased security
  • The app no longer asks to sync with Dropbox if you’ve chosen “auto-sync”
  • You can now import from ANY url … even if My Recipes can’t parse the recipe!
  • The recipe images are now larger and more beautiful!
  • You can now ROTATE images in the recipe edit screen!

Bug fixes:

  • Various syncing issues have been fixed. Syncing should now be more robust and faster!
  • Sometimes a recipe would cause the app to crash every time it was selected. This has been corrected!
  • Web editor images now show up.
  • Recipe list no longer scrolls to second recipe by default.
May 022014

My Recipes has a new logo and a completely revamped import process! You can now import from dozens of sites instead of the small list of 5 which it used to support! Also:

  • Adding images to recipes is now fixed
  • New icon and splash screen!
Jun 272013
  • In-app help button!! Need help, just choose “Menu” > “Help” when using the app!
  • Tile view! My Recipes has an updated look! Check it out!
  • Search now waits until you’re done typing to perform the search
  • Landscape ingredient pane is now wider! Enjoy :)
  • Recipe importer fixes
Dec 212012

New Features:

  • Left-side menu to make navigation and syncing easier
  • Ability to change font size
  • Reorder recipe ingredients and grocery list items (for HONEYCOMB+)
  • Animate when adding/removing an ingredient
  • Enable/Disable Full Screen when viewing a recipe
  • Enable Back Button in the ActionBar

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix the share intent (was crashing on activity resume
  • Prompt to sync with Dropbox is more accurate
Nov 022012

New Features:

  • Permission added to support the new ad platform anti-fraud detection
  • You can now import from ALLRECIPES.com!
  • Dropbox has deprecated the public folder feature, so now recipes sync to a folder called “My Recipes” in the root of Dropbox
  • Quicker/more efficient Dropbox syncing
  • Improved Web Editor interface

Bug Fixes:

  • Copy & paste should now work for everyone
  • Add/Remove ingredient buttons fixed
Jul 012012
New Features:

  • Updated UI (now uses Action Bar)
  • Larger, better-quality image when viewing recipe (and recipe images are now imported at a higher resolution than before!)
  • Back button now works when navigating between home, tags, and grocery lists.
  • Option to show/hide search box
  • Importing a recipe can now be cancelled mid-process
  • Facebook integration. Tell your friends what you are cooking!
Feb 272012

You can now import recipes from popular websites!

New Features:

  • Ads are now turned off by default when the app is first installed.
  • Import from popular websites!*
    • Additional sites will be added in the future and will automatically be available to your app.
  • Updated web editor UI! Check it out!

Bug Fixes:

  • App crash when in the Dropbox Settings screen
  • Web editor prompt to upgrade when you’ve already bought the full version.

*My Recipes has no affiliation with these sites.

Dec 222011

– Recipes now have the following new fields: a 5-star rating system, prep time, cook time, and # of servings.
– You can now modify recipe tags in the web editor!
– Adding images from the web editor now works again!
– My Recipes has a new website. Check it out at http://myrecipes.bsapps.com