Feb 272012

You can now import recipes from popular websites!

New Features:

  • Ads are now turned off by default when the app is first installed.
  • Import from popular websites!*
    • Additional sites will be added in the future and will automatically be available to your app.
  • Updated web editor UI! Check it out!

Bug Fixes:

  • App crash when in the Dropbox Settings screen
  • Web editor prompt to upgrade when you’ve already bought the full version.

*My Recipes has no affiliation with these sites.

  4 Responses to “02/27/2012 Update”

  1. What URL’s can we actually import recipes from? I’ve tried food network & epicurous and neither of these work. Seems like food network would be one of the most popular.


    • In the app, go to New Recipe > Import to see which sites you can import from. I can’t add just any site…as I make sure to not infringe site or copyright rules.

      (edit) Almost ALL of the most popular recipe sites are now compatible! I’d be surprised if you can find one that isn’t :) Please check out the most recent version of My Recipes!

  2. I would like to print a picture of the recipe with at the top. Is this possible? If so how?

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